10 Jul

Resigned ethics chief: Priebus ‘threat’ symbolic of White House relationship

Resigned ethics chief: Priebus ‘threat’ symbolic of White House relationship

Resigned ethics chief: Priebus ‘threat’ symbolic of White House relationship

Reince Priebus January 15, announced the ethics director of the government Walter Shaub who was getting too political was an emblem of his interactions with President Donald Trump’s White House, announced the outgoing EMB boss.

Shaub announced last week that he would step down from July 19.
In an interview on ABC’s “This Week,” host George Stephanopoulos played a pre-opening clip Priebus, the former head of the Republican National Committee now as Trump’s chief of staff.

“The head of government ethics must be careful, because this person becomes extremely political,” Priebus said in the clip.

His comment was in response to Shaub’s statement a few days before Trump’s ethical disposition in his huge business empire was “pointless from the point of view of conflict of interest.”

“I think the most explicit threat Reince Priebus during this show is really emblematic of how interactions with the White House have been since the beginning of this administration,” said Shaub, who has accepted a position in the Center’s legal campaign as chief director of ethics.

Shaub said he still believes that the federal ethics rules were strong enough to “protect the integrity of government operations.”

But his experience in the Trump administration convinced that the rules should be strengthened, he said, and he had done his best in his role.

“When the opportunity came to Campaign Legal Center, I wanted to grab it before it disappears because I really think it could have a greater impact from outside the government from the inside this point, because I’m going to have a lot more freedom out of government,” he said.

In a statement Friday at the CBA, a White House official said Shaub “was frank because of the escape, twittage and letter writing to Democratic members of Congress, but not once … travel, liabilities Or other ethical issues involving the president in an argument with a White House lawyer or assistant attorney who oversees ethics and compliance. ”

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Shaub calls the statement “ridiculous” and said he had responded to Republicans and Democrats. He said he spoke several times to the White House attorney before the board will be absent and Shaub has worked with the ethics lawyer.

As for the increasingly public role role in the Trump Shaub administration suggested that it only has what it calls “two lever sources” that indicate the White House and the public.

In the absence of support from the White House, “the only other EMB way to take advantage of the changes is to communicate with the public and to recruit them,” he added.

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