15 Sep

India vs Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017 Final: Great Chance To Restore Our Pride, Says Imran Khan

India vs Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017 Final: Great Chance To Restore Our Pride, Says Imran Khan

India vs Pakistan, Champions Trophy 2017 Final: Great Chance To Restore Our Pride, Says Imran Khan

Former Pakistan World Cup captain Imran Khan Saturday said Pakistan had a golden opportunity to avenge its first defeat of the game against India in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Pakistan started its Champions Trophy campaign playing India on June 4 and was defeated by 124 shots.

Imran Khan also believes that Pakistan must learn from the mistakes it made against the Indians in this game. Speaking of the Pakistani television network Samaa, Imran said it was an excellent opportunity to “restore” pride.

“I think we had an excellent opportunity to restore the pride of the final by the way we lost the first game in India,” said Imran.

“It was humiliating how we lost this game and we can be content now,” he added.

On the other hand, Imran advised Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed to avoid putting India in batting first if he won the draw in the final.

“India has a beautiful threshing team and if it is a big sum, it will pressure us.
The staging strategy for the first time against other teams worked well for Sarfraz against other teams, while the spinners have overcome opposition in the constraints and Hassan Ali strongly marked. ”

“India has a strong pace and if they represent a large total, it will double press for us. I mean the pressure on our pitchers and the pressure to keep up with the running pace on the dashboard.”

“Our strength is our true bowling and the first thing we need to win if we want to win the draw. Our pace is not as good as the bowling is better,” he added.
Imran also praised Captain Sarfraz Ahmed.

“I am very impressed that Sarfraz turned out to be such a daring captain,” Imran said.

Teammate and close to Imran, Javed Miandad said the Champions Trophy final could be the gateway to the restoration of the bilateral cricket series with India.
“I think we should put aside political issues and try to play more cricket. I want to see the resurgence of the bilateral cricket,” said the former captain.

Miandad was not willing to choose a favorite for Sunday’s final.
“If I talk just like that, India at that time was a better team and more depth, but still believe in a great game, it’s the moment that counts,” he said.

“What is important is how many players there are in their team who are willing to lay their hands and play that day. I think the Pakistan team has good players who could be winners.”

Miandad was given the opportunity to 50:50 the two teams to win the final.
The former captain of Aamir Sohail acknowledged that India had a better side than Pakistan, but said the complacency could be its downfall.

“After a long time, India has three or four good pace pitchers, good spinners and a very strong team and hitting a bad servant.

They are better than the players who play Pakistani, but I think they could be complacent and this could contribute to the advantage of Pakistan.

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