09 Oct

Gorkhaland demand: BJP’s about-turn exposes party’s hypocrisy; will people give a fitting reply?

The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM), who led the movement for a separate Gorkhaland for 50 days Monday gave the BJP government government an ultimatum: meet our demands in 10 days or face the consequences.

But the government of Narendra Modi did not seem concerned at all: as stated in the statement of the Interior Ministry in Parliament. Instead of trying to appease the Gorkha, the Ministry clearly states that there was “no proposal to appoint a committee to examine the merits and demerits of the Gorkhas, adivasis and other requirements.”

This exposes the character on both sides of the BJP. For years, the part that adds to the fuel fire to ask for help GJM Gorkhaland for its candidates in the general election.

In 2009, Jaswant Singh successfully contested the Lower House election in Darjeeling and in 2014, SS Ahluwalia has retained the Darjeeling headquarters with the support of the GJM. In both cases, the BJP has lent its support to Gorkha.

When Jaswant Singh represented Darjeeling in Parliament from 2009 to 2014, this question was raised several times. Curiously, at that time, the BJP was not in power in West Bengal or the Center, and had very little support in the region. While Singh and his party could affirm their support for Gorkhaland with abandon.

When Singh did not receive the ticket for the Darjeeling seat in 2014, he said: “It is sad that the BJP has not fully accepted the state request The party is trying to have both Gorkhaland sense. Sincere about the request, but of course. ”

Since winning, SS Ahluwalia has drawn attention to his support for Gorkhaland. “The Biharis say they are from Bihar.” The Punjabis say that they belong to Punjab.Gorkas When they say that they belong to Gorkhaland, their dreams must also be observed. The bad Ahluwalia repeated this statement often when trying to support him and his party.

But Ahluwalia has been silent since the unrest erupted. He has gone MIA (disappeared in combat) to use a term of the military. A position on Gorkhaland’s application has been avoided. It’s not the only one. BJP leaders also go on to “hide,” refusing to be pushed back, waiting and praying that the riots will soon be lost.

But when the movement has refused to break and BJP leaders in West Bengal began to fear that they are losing their support base if they are silent, the party had no choice but to be its own: “we are not in favor of a Gorkhaland Separate, “said Kailash Vijayvargiya, BJP general secretary in charge of West Bengal, June 27

Therefore, the BJP joined the other political parties in West Bengal – national and regional – that were against the creation of Gorkhaland. But what distinguishes the BJP case is that it has made a 180-degree turn in the last 10 years: state support for the opposition.

Interestingly, this development has been marked by increased aid for BJP in West Bengal. In the 2006 Assembly election, the BJP disputed 29 seats in West Bengal. He did not win a single seat. In 2011, the BJP has partnered with the GJM, which won 3 seats and allowed the BJP to enter the legislature for the first time thanks to a bypoll.

In 2016, the BJP and GJM added only three more seats, but more importantly, the BJP has more than doubled its voter base, gaining 10.7% of the vote. Lok Sabha for the election results also highlighted a noticeable change in the political fate of the BJP over the last decade.

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