10 Jul

Donald Trump Jr. loyally prosecutes his father’s meme war on CNN

Donald Trump Jr. loyally prosecutes his father’s meme war on CNN

Donald Trump Jr. loyally prosecutes his father’s meme war on CNN

If we could break Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. out of any political context and talk like two men with smartphones, his story could be one of father and son learning to remember together.

They testify of their achievements during the last week.
Of course, it is simplistic; The same of triumphs can not be separated from politics than men.

When Trump tweeted a video of himself he achieved an avatar CNN a week ago, he did as President of the United States – he frequently attacked the press as a man.

When Trump Jr. spent the next few days in anticipation of the changes, even his father – who culminates in Trump as Tom Cruise chasing CNN in “Top Gun” – did what the son of a political attacker and one of the fiercest supporters of the President.

[The Reddit user behind the same CNN Trump apologized. But the story is #CNNBlackmail kisses.]

Father and son have long been prolific online. And their duration assault WrestleMania-a-Top Gun “for a week on CNN is not the first time they are tied to a rival.
You may remember the last weeks of the 2016 election, when Trump jumped on his Democratic opponent to call his followers a “deplorable basket.”

“Sensational. Hillary Clinton was so isolating my followers, millions of incredible people and the workers,” Trump said on Twitter, he was using for years, promoting the written word in GIF.

“I think it’s going to cost you the polls,” Trump concludes in his tweet in September.

The label “deplorable” Clinton has actually become a symbol of pride for many Trump fans. His evolution into a complete meme was strong with Trump Jr. a few days after his father tweeted.
There is almost a year, and Trump Jr. said that ignorance of the image he had promoted.

“I’ve never heard of the frog Pepe” Has ABC told the presenter who calls the caricature of a “white suprematise” symbol. “I thought it was a frog in a wig. I thought it was really fun.”

But if Trump Jr. was even a beginner then much apprendreait.

By the end of 2016, many journalists have begun writing about a phenomenon they called false news. As reported by the media as the political and NPR aspects, these articles were fabricated from shady websites designed to encourage people to share fictions as reality in social networks.

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