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Charlottesville police release statement on KKK protests

Charlottesville police release statement on KKK protests

Charlottesville police release statement on KKK protests

Charlottesville, VA (WSET) – A day after the KKK demonstration in Charlottesville, the city said 22 people were arrested.
The number of arrests is less than originally reported as a detention was initially counted twice, according to the city.

The police chief said three people were taken to hospital, two due to heat problems and one to an alcohol-related problem.

“I am pleased with the professionalism and commitment of our law enforcement partners, as our security plan was well executed,” the police chief said in a statement.

Nearly 50 members of loyal white knights traveled to North Carolina Saturday to Justice Park to protest against the withdrawal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.
The city estimates that about 1,000 people came to protest against the KKK.

The Klan members recovered for less than an hour before leaving. The protester followed them to a parking lot where police were told to disperse an illegal gathering.
Police and protesters headed to the park where, according to a city spokesman, frustration runs.

Virginia State Police threw three containers of tear gas to disperse the crowd.
Here is a statement from Chief of Police Charlottesville, Al Thomas

“First of all, our main goal was the safety of the community and the protection of citizens’ civil liberties at the end of the day, three people were transferred to the hospital.” 2 For heat related problems one for a problem related to the alcohol.

I am satisfied with the professionalism and commitment of our partners in law enforcement, as our security plan was well executed. Officers traveled from all over to assist the CPD to maintain law and order during this difficult task.

Hundreds of local citizens expressed themselves in a non-violent protest against hatred, which was launched at the Justice Park. When the Klan members arrived, the atmosphere quickly became an emotional burden.

Several external groups said they would become confrontational; However, we were prepared for the riots that occurred near the conclusion of the event which unfortunately resulted in a number of arrests. Order was quickly restored and our community remains secure.

As is customary practice, we will examine the events of the day in the coming weeks and months to assess successes and weaknesses.

We are committed to providing our residents a strong and safe city to live and be a partner in our community. “- Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas

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