30 Jul

Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87

Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87

Helmut Kohl, chancellor who reunited Germany, dies at 87

Berlin: Helmut Kohl, the imposing German Chancellor whose reunification of a nation divided by the Cold War has placed Germany in the heart of a united Europe, died Friday at his home in Ludwigshafen. He was 87 years old.

“A life is one and the person who lived it to enter into history,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaking in Rome.

“It will take some time, however, until we can really judge what we have lost in it. Helmut Kohl was a great German and a great European.”

During his 16 years at the helm of the country from 1982 to 1998, first in West Germany and then a united Germany-Kohl combined a tenacious search for European unity with a keen instinct for history.

Less than a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, he led the end of Germany’s decades-long division in east and west, ushering in a new era in European politics.

“When a new spirit began sweeping Eastern Europe in the 1980s, when freedom was won in Poland, when brave people in Leipzig

East Berlin and East Germany elsewhere carried out a peaceful revolution, Helmut Kohl was the right person at the right time, Merkel said.

“I only dream and the goal of a United Germany, although others have hesitated.”

It was a close friendship that Kohl built with other world leaders who helped convince the Western anti-communist allies and leaders of the Soviet Union that a strong collapsed, united Germany could live in peace with its neighbors.

“Helmut Kohl was the largest European statesman since World War II,” said Bill Clinton, the former US president in 2011, adding that Kohl responded to the most important issues of his time “correctly Germany, for Europe correctly, Properly to the United States appropriately for the future of the world. ”

Former US President George H.w. Bush said the world had lost “a true friend of freedom.”

“Working closely with my very good friend to help achieve a peaceful end to the Cold War and the unification of Germany in NATO will remain one of my life joys,” Bush said. “Through our efforts, Helmut was a rock – both stable and strong.”

President Donald Trump said Kohl was “a friend and ally of the United States while leading the Federal Republic of Germany for 16 key years.

He was not only the father of German reunification, but also a defender of Europe and the transatlantic relationship. ”

“The world has benefited from its vision and efforts and its legacy will continue,” it said in a statement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin attributes Kohl “to play a key role in ending the Cold War and the reunification of Germany.”

Famed for its massive circumference in a 4- to 6-foot frame, Kohl has always evolved in domestic politics and among his rivals in the conservative Christian Democrat Union, which took power for 16 years until his defeat. Left-center rival of Gerhard Schroeder in 1998.

This was followed by the eruption of a party funding scandal that threatened to tarnish his legacy.

For foreigners, the great conservative with a taste for local white wine and heavy food came to symbolize Germany benign, stable and even boring.

Kohl’s legacy includes the common euro currency – now used by 19 nations – that have consolidated Europe closer than ever.

Kohl has strongly influenced the euro, introduced in 1999, as a pillar of peace – when he hit problems more than a decade later, he insisted that there is no alternative, but for Germany to help indebted countries like Greece.

Once considered a clumsy provincial, Kohl has combined an understanding of the concerns of the Germans on foot with a hunger for power, which was elected four times.

Kohl has served more than Konrad Adenauer, West Germany’s first Chancellor after World War II and his political idol. Only Otto von Bismarck, who unified Germany for the first time in the 1870s, was now chancellor for 19 years.

15 Jul

Saudi-Qatar crisis puts Syria rebels in tricky position

Saudi-Qatar crisis puts Syria rebels in tricky position

Saudi-Qatar crisis puts Syria rebels in tricky position

BEYUTH: A diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia Qatar incorporates the Syrian rebels into a difficult position, analysts say, after rivalry between Gulf supporters had already weakened the opposition.

Both Sunni monarchies have demonstrators close in March 2011, when the war began with the brutal crackdown on anti-government protests.

They continued to support Sunni insurgents mainly when the symptoms turned into conflicts between the armed opposition and troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad of the country’s Shia minority and supported by the Iranian Archipelago of Saudi Arabia.

But six years later, the rebellion was rife with rivalry between Riyadh and Doha, as well as weakened by Russian military intervention in support of Assad’s forces.

Moscow’s support for regime forces has led to a series of setbacks for the rebels, including their historic loss in December of the second city of Aleppo.

Saudi Arabia and its allies, including the UAE, have broken or severed diplomatic relations with Qatar on allegations the emirate is compatible with extremism last week, saying Doha has denied it.

“The current split puts the Syrian opposition in a very politically awkward position because nobody wants to take part in public parties and can not afford to alienate either side,” said Yezid Sayigh, a colleague of the Carnegie Middle East Center .

A rebel official at the eastern Ghouta opposition stronghold outside Damascus said he hoped the Doha-Riyadh crisis was only “a temporary storm.”
Sensitive problem

“Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates supported the Syrian people’s revolution and expressed their solidarity throughout the years of the tragedy,” the rebel official said.

In a sign of the embarrassment caused to the crisis, several rebel groups were approaching the AFP declined to comment, saying that it was a “sensitive” problem.

But Sayigh said the latest rash in relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia will have a limited impact on the Syrian conflict.

“It is likely that it will not have a significant financial or military impact since the United States and Turkey have intensified their support for factions that were previously close to Qatar or Saudi Arabia,” Sayigh said.

Riyadh “has drastically reduced funding for the summer of 2015,” after starting its intervention in Yemen “earlier this year, he said.

Six years after the war, the fractured rebel Syria controls about 10 percent. 100 from the war-torn country, with the support of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and the United States.

Rebel Pro-Doha, including the powerful Ahrar al-Sham group, are present in the north.
In eastern Ghouta, there are opposition pro-Doha groups alongside the pro-Riyadh Jaish al-Islam rebel alliance.

30 Jun

Israel: Palestinian militant factions deny Islamic State claim of Jerusalem shooting incident

Israel: Palestinian militant factions deny Islamic State claim of Jerusalem shooting incident

Israel: Palestinian militant factions deny Islamic State claim of Jerusalem shooting incident

Palestinian militant factions have today denied a claim by the Islamic state that three Palestinian men who led a fatal shootout stroke and stroke strokes in Jerusalem were members of the militant group.

The Islamic state took responsibility for Friday’s attack in which one Israeli policeman was killed and another wounded, according to the QAMA news agency.

Israeli security officials did not immediately respond to requests for comments on what the SITE tracking group described as the first time the Islamic state had claimed an attack on a territory controlled by Israel or affiliated with the attackers.

However, a senior Hamas official, the Islamist group that governs Gaza and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), said the three attackers, all of whom died on the spot, were its own members.

“The three martyr heroes who carried out the operation in Jerusalem have no relationship with Daesh (Islamic State), which are associated with the PFLP and Hamas,” Hamas “Izzat al-Reshiq said on Twitter.

Israeli emergency personnel carry the body of one of the three Palestinians who carried out the strokes and strokes strokes June 16, 2017. The emergency staff ReutersIsraeli carries the body of one of the three Palestinians who shoot carried out attacks With shots and blows June 16 Reuters
The PFLP issued a statement identifying two of the attackers as members. “The FPLP press office army army cries two of its heroic comrades, two released prisoners,” he said.

Israeli police said Friday that all of the attackers were from Palestinian cities in the occupied West Bank. Two attackers, both from Ramallah, were between 18 and 19 years old and the third was 30 years old from Hebron, police spokeswoman Luba Simri said.

The attacks took place simultaneously in two areas near the Damascus gate of the ancient walled city of Jerusalem.

Two Palestinians were shot dead after they opened fire and tried to beat a group of Israeli police in a scene, police said. In the other, a Palestinian policeman mortally wounded the border before being shot down by the police.

A wave of attacks by Palestinian streets began in October 2015, but has since declined. Israel accuses the incitement of violence by the Palestinian leadership.

The Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited autonomy in the West Bank denies it and says the assailants acted out of the desperation of the Israeli occupation of land sought by the Palestinians for a state.

Peace talks between the two countries erupted in 2014. Palestinians want to establish an independent state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem, territories Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war.

30 May

SpaceX settles $3.9m shift pattern class action lawsuit

SpaceX settles $3.9m shift pattern class action lawsuit

SpaceX, Elon Musk, has agreed to pay nearly $ 4 million to thousands of underpaid employees, but one of them is curiously annoyed by his exceptional fate.

Los Angeles judge Elihu M. Berle lent his support to the courts to resolve the SpaceX class action lawsuit after the first hearing and to separate the objections of the aging SpaceX Howard Smith who tried to block the deal.

The settlement ends several lawsuits filed in recent years, claiming that the SpaceX change models meant that workers could not take their rest periods and legal breaks. Each worker will receive an average of $ 500, the highest payment being $ 2000 per person.

Christina Lucio, a lawyer for 4099 people represented in the class action lawsuit, told the court: “I think the record that it is clear that M. Smith and his lawyer had the opportunity to represent the course and were judged insufficient.”

Smith had tried to take the SpaceX case itself under a California law that allows disgruntled employees to launch a lawsuit themselves with state support – but three quarters of all payments are paid to the banks of the State in exchange, according to legal site Law360.

His lawyers argued that in response SpaceX Lucio was trying to resolve the class action lawsuit to pay him a lower settlement SpaceX, d’Elon Musk, agreed to a payer of four million dollars to the millers d’employés sous-payés, More l’un d’entre eux est curieusement agacé par sa chance exceptionnelle.

The judge of Los Angeles, Elihu M. Berle, a donation to the court for the collection of the SpaceX collection, is the premier audience and rejects the objections of SpaceX, Howard Smith, qui tentait de bloquer l’affaire .

Le règlement met fin de plusieurs procès triesés au cours des dernières années en alléguant that the modèles de changement de SpaceX signifiaient that les travailleurs ne pouvaient pas prendre leurs periods of repos et les pauses légales. Chaque travailleur recevra en moyenne 500 $, les paiements les plus élevés étant of 2 000 $ for person.

Christina Lucio, avocate pour les 4 099 personnes représentées dans le recours collectif, a déclaré au tribunal: “I think that the dossier is that M. Smith is an avocat on the occasion of représenter le cours et ils ont été jugés insuffisants “.

Smith avait essayé de mener l’affaire SpaceX lui-même en vertu d’une loi californienne qui permet aux employés mécontents de lancer un procès eux-mêmes avec le soutien de l’État – more les trois quarts de tout paiement sont versés aux caisses De l’État en retour, selon le site juridique Law360.

Ses avocats ont plaidé en réponse à Lucio that SpaceX essay de régler le procès collectif afin de lui payer un règlement inférieur.SpaceX, Elon Musk, ha acordado pagar casi $ 4 millones a miles de empleados mal pagados, pero uno de ellos es curiosamente molesto por su excepcional suerte.

El juez de Los Ángeles Elihu M. Berle, dio su apoyo a los tribunales para resolver la demanda de acción de clase SpaceX después de la primera audiencia y separar a las objeciones del anciano SpaceX, Howard Smith, que intentó bloquear el acuerdo .

El acuerdo termina varias demandas presentadas en los últimos años, alegando que los modelos de SpaceX cambio significó que los trabajadores no podían tomar sus períodos de descanso y las pausas legales. Cada trabajador recibirá un promedio de $ 500, el pago más alto es de $ 2000 por persona.

Christina Lucio, un abogado de 4099 personas representadas en la demanda colectiva, dijo al tribunal: “Creo que el disco que está claro que el M. Smith y su abogado tuvieron la oportunidad de representar el curso y se juzgaron insuficientes “.

Smith había tratado de llevar el caso SpaceX sí mismo bajo una ley de California que permite a los empleados descontentos para poner en marcha una demanda a sí mismos con el apoyo del estado – pero tres cuartas partes de todos los pagos se pagan a los bancos del Estado a cambio, de acuerdo con el sitio legal Law360.

Sus abogados argumentaron que en respuesta SpaceX Lucio estaba tratando de resolver la demanda de acción de clase a pagarle un asentamiento más bajoSpaceX, d’Elon Musk, a convenu de payer près de 4 millions de dollars à des milliers d’employés sous-payés, mais l’un d’entre eux est curieusement agacé par sa chance exceptionnelle.

Le juge de Los Angeles, Elihu M. Berle, a donné son soutien au tribunal pour régler le procès collectif de SpaceX après la première audience et rejeter les objections de l’ancien homme de SpaceX, Howard Smith, qui tentait de bloquer l’affaire.

Le règlement met fin à plusieurs procès intentés au cours des dernières années en alléguant que les modèles de changement de SpaceX signifiaient que les travailleurs ne pouvaient pas prendre leurs périodes de repos et les pauses légales. Chaque travailleur recevra en moyenne 500 $, les paiements les plus élevés étant de 2 000 $ par personne.

Christina Lucio, avocate pour les 4 099 personnes représentées dans le recours collectif, a déclaré au tribunal

15 May

Inmarsat undecided on how it will use the satellite SpaceX is launching next week


Inmarsat undecided on how it will use the satellite SpaceX is launching next week

WASHINGTON – Mobile satellite service provider Inmarsat has yet to decide how it will use the launch of the Global Xpress satellite next week in a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The Boeing satellite originally ordered as spare parts, will likely be placed in Europe, but Inmarsat CEO Rupert Pearce said May 4 that this could change.

In a conference call with investors, Pearce said that the fourth and last Global Xpress satellite of this generation still serve as an orbiting reserve in case one of the other three Ka band satellite broadcasters suffers a setback, but otherwise The additional advantage is actually a bonus card that the company can play at will.

“Because it is not necessary to complete global coverage, the role of Inmarsat-5 F4 could change over the course of its life,” said Pearce. “Obviously, it is there for redundancy in orbit, which would limit if it is necessary for this purpose, but if it is not, he can go to discrete business opportunities that may be different from his life.”

Inmarsat Inmarsat-5 F4 ordered Boeing in 2013 to between 220 million and 250 million. The first three Global Xpress satellites – also built by Boeing – launched Russian Proton rockets between 2013 and 2015.

After a delay in the decision to launch Inmarsat-5 F4, Inmarsat chose the satellite’s orbit using a SpaceX rocket – a Falcon 9 and Falcon heavy. The delays in the development of the heavy Falcon, as well as improvements in Falcon 9, have probably led Falcon 9 to be the vehicle of choice, now begins May 15.

Enhance Global Xpress

Pearce said Inmarsat is not ready to discuss the mission than its additional satellite used. Placing Inmarsat-5 F4 in Europe would allow the spacecraft to “target different markets,” Christopher said, but in the end it did not solidify. WASHINGTON – Le fournisseur de services para satellite mobile Inmarsat n’a pas encore décidé de la façon dont il Use the lancement du satellite Global Xpress la semaine prochaine sur une fusée SpaceX Falcon 9.

Le satellite Boeing, commandé à l’origine comme pièce de rechange, will probably positionné sur l’Europe, plus the PDG d’Inmarsat, Rupert Pearce, will declare it 4 more than cela pourrait changer.

In the light of the foregoing, Pearce will declare that the Quatrième et dernier satellite Global Xpress de génération actuelle servieit des touteurs de réserve in orbite dans le cas or un trois autres satellites à haut débit de la bande Ka subit un échec, More sinon L’actif supplémentaire is effectivement une carte bonus that l’entreprise peut jouer à volonté.

“Parce qu’il n’est pas nécessaire de compléter la couverture mondiale, le rôle d’Inmarsat-5 F4 pourrait changer à travers sa vie”, déclaré Pearce. “Of course, it is useful for the redundancy in orbiting, ce qui le limiterait si cela était nécessaire à cette fin, plus sinon, il peut aller des opportunités d’affaires discrètes qui peuvent différer pendant sa vie”.

Inmarsat a commandé Inmarsat-5 F4 of Boeing in 2013 pour between 220 millions of dollars and 250 millions of dollars. Les trois premiers satellites Global Xpress – également construcits par Boeing – ont launched proton russian roquettes between 2013 and 2015.

In addition, it will be possible to use the Falcon 9 or Falcon Heavy. Des retards dans le développement du Falcon Heavy, as well as améliorations apportées au Falcon 9, ont vraisemblablement amené le Falcon 9 à être le véhicule de choix, qui se lance maintenant le 15 mai.

Améliorer Global Xpress

Pearce will declare that Inmarsat n’est pas prêt à discussing the mission that they are satellite supplémentaire will serve. Pleasure Inmarsat-5 F4 sur l’Europe permettrait au vaisseau spatial of «deservir divers marchés», to declare Christophe, more n’a finalement pas été solidifié.WASHINGTON – Mobile proveedor de servicios de satélite Inmarsat aún no ha decidido cómo va a utilizar el lanzamiento del satélite Global Xpress próxima semana en un SpaceX Falcon 9 de cohetes.

El satélite Boeing ordenó originalmente como repuestos, probablemente será colocado en Europa, pero el CEO de Inmarsat, Rupert Pearce, dijo el 4 de mayo que esto podría cambiar.

En una conferencia telefónica con inversores, Pearce dijo que el cuarto y último satélite Global Xpress de esta generación todavía sirven como reserva en órbita en caso de que uno de los otros tres banda ancha por satélite en banda Ka sufre un revés, pero por lo demás la ventaja adicional es en realidad una tarjeta de bonificación que la empresa puede jugar a voluntad.

“Debido a que no es necesario para completar la cobertura mundial, el papel de Inmarsat-5 F4 podría cambiar a lo largo de su vida”, dijo Pearce. “Obviamente, está ahí para redundancia en órbita, lo que limitaría si es necesario para este propósito, pero si no es así, él puede ir a oportunidades de negocio discretos que pueden ser diferentes de su vida.”

Inmarsat Inmarsat-5 F4 ordenó de Boeing en 2013 a entre 220 millones y 250 millones. Los tres primeros satélites Global Xpress –