09 May

5 Mind Numbing Facts About beauty services at home in Mumbai

Cosmetic: the beauty boom

It’s no longer a skin-deep business. Nor is it considering a risqué adventure, an expensive import, or a self-indulgent luxury. Beauty a big business, and not only according to the sultry creatures who advertise it in soft-focus, full-colour dream sequences.

Cleansers and kaajals, conditioners and glossers and blushers and liners and lotions are suddenly the lowest common denominator uniting urban Indian women; and a sprawling multi-crore business backed by the unlikeliest of industrialists

Traditional cosmetic is registering as rapid an increase.

In fact, lipstick is now a campus staple; something like 500 shades is available in different brands and prices.at least at five dozen kinds of shampoo, for every hair type, are known to be on the market. Skin creams, moisturizers, foundations and lotions of varying shade and intensity from the rest of the market.

The cosmetic has become an essential fact of life is further emphasized.

Yet cosmetic-not only their origin but their manner of use –are a vital visual mode of social arbitration even more so in some ways than the mode of dress. just as loud or exaggerated makeup signifies explicitness and lack of makeup suggest sorrow, makeup has also become a sign of changing social mores among generations. Home beauty service to your doorstep provide every service at your home and also suggest you how to maintain it.

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Women get all beauty service on their home for relaxing, high-quality beauty treatments like facial, waxing, massage, manicure, pedicure etc.it will be more comfortable for the women and as per their convenient timings and days.

Those women who have not the time to visit the parlor. They can enjoy the salon service at home.

Easy to use

Just a few taps and you are done! Glow up India is intuitive, simple and easy to use. We also make it easy for you to select the service or beautician by providing relevant information and trusted reviews.

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Choose from the vetted and verified beauty professional basis their training, experience and genuine customer reviews.

Save time and effort

Too hot or cold to step outside to go to a salon? have a baby at home? A very busing working women? Are you pregnant? Or simply too lazy to leave home? We understand that and hence glow up India for those who lazy. Busy moments!

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